About Jobcopy

Jobcopy is a professional tool created in 2022 to help boost the resume and job application process. It was founded by Angel L. Rodriguez Santiago, a data analyst with a passion for AI and love for crafting resumes. After years of spending countless hours helping others perfect their resumes, he determined the need to develop an alternative - a much simpler solution to the tedious task of putting together one's credentials and job details into a catchy statement.

Having identified this niche, Angel formed Jobcopy with one main objective in mind: To make finding jobs easier than ever. With years of dedication and hard work, Jobcopy has developed customizable resume building tools that have drastically cut down the time needed for individuals to craft personalized documents based on job descriptions and other specific requirements. Furthermore, these same technologies enable users to perfectly prepare for interviews with generated answers tailored directly to required topics!

What started out as an experimental venture has now become an admired resource amongst over 5,000 professionals who are looking for feasible options which can get them hired quickly - all thanks to Jobcopy! Moreover, there are now additional resources available such as free templates and covering letter samples that give power back into the hands of individuals searching for jobs. So don’t wait another minute - take charge of your job hunt process today and turn it into something worthwhile with just a few clicks!

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Our Mission

Crafting professional documents in seconds

Our mission at Jobcopy is to revolutionize the resume and job application process. By providing individuals with customizable tools and resources, we enable them to craft striking resumes which will draw in employers faster than ever before. Our dedication to enabling professionals to quickly and effectively create personal statements that reflect their skill set empowers them with the confidence needed to successfully apply for the positions they desire!

Transforming applications

Jobcopy strives for excellence in transforming job applications into successful opportunities for all. We provide the best solutions to help individuals craft personalized resumes based on their job descriptions and qualifications. With our reliable services, users can quickly create winning applications that stand out from the crowd! We are dedicated in delivering lasting memories for employers, who now have access to candidates far beyond ordinary standards - all thanks to Jobcopy!